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Strategies and Tips to Adjust

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New Hearing Aids: Strategies and Tips to Adjust

Get Helpful Hearing Aid Tips From Concept by Iowa Hearing 

Nothing brings greater joy to the Concept by Iowa Hearing team than the happiness and life-changing experience new hearing aids provide our Iowa patients. While it is amazing to hear sounds that have been missing for so long, there is an adjustment period. You might feel excited and eager to hear the world like you used to, but the process requires a little patience. However, reviewing our hearing aid tips and working closely with your audiologist will ensure you get the most out of your devices, and wearing them will become second nature.

Manage Your Expectations

It’s important to understand what to expect when you first start wearing hearing aids. Eyeglasses provide immediate improvement in sight, and the reward is instant. Hearing aids aren’t the same, and your hearing experience might be different from what you were used to before. It might take some time for your brain to adapt to the new sounds, even the sound of your own voice because it’s out of practice. Understanding this will help you have realistic expectations and not feel discouraged.

Why Does the Brain Need to Adapt?

The brain is the organ most impacted by a hearing aid for new users. It’s being asked to process sounds it is not used to hearing. This is quite manageable at home during a quiet conversation with a spouse or family member. In a noisy environment, such as a crowded restaurant, the brain is now processing a lot of ambient and background noise as well as the conversation at your table, and it can have trouble isolating the voice in front of you. It can take time for the brain to adapt to new sounds, and you might have to re-learn how to recognize different noises and their sources. 

Start With a Professional Fitting and Programming

Getting your hearing aids professionally fitted and programmed by experienced audiologists is crucial to ensuring they work effectively. From innovative diagnostics and professional hearing assessments to modern, high-quality devices, our audiologists will help you choose a hearing aid that meets your unique needs and budget. We’ll program and adjust your hearing aids based on your hearing needs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or raise concerns. We are here to help you.

Educate Yourself on Your Device

At our hearing care centers, you’ll have professionals set up your hearing aid, but educating yourself on the technology that comes with your hearing aids and their capabilities is extremely valuable. Doing this will help you understand how to use your hearing aids, what to expect from them, and how to take advantage of their features. It will also help you communicate more effectively with your audiologist if you have questions or problems with adjustments.

Make Notes of Issues or Problems

Making notes of any issues, problems, or general observations you experience will make communication between you and your audiologist more effective. The more your audiologist knows about your experience, the more it will enable them to make changes to suit your needs.

Wear Your Hearing Aids as Much as Possible

A first-time hearing aid user should wear their devices as much as possible. It’s ok to take a short break occasionally, but the more you wear them, the faster you adjust. This is an essential step to improving your hearing and adjusting to your hearing aids.

Introduce New Sound Environments Slowly

Slowly introducing new sound environments is critical. Start in a quiet setting, then slowly introduce noisier situations over time. It will help your brain adapt to different sounds. Quiet environments include one-on-one conversations in a private area, watching television, or listening to an audiobook at home.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Remember, new hearing aids are remarkable and will improve your life, but adjusting to them takes time. It’s vital to remain optimistic about the overall experience during your trial period. Celebrate small milestones like hearing a new sound. Focus on the benefits of your hearing aids, and don’t get discouraged by any setbacks, knowing you will encounter a few here and there.

Work With Your Audiologist

Working with your audiologist is crucial to your success; you’re the reason we are here. Let your audiologist know about any issues or problems you experience. Our team can help you make necessary changes to your hearing aid settings.

Maintain Your Hearing Aids Properly

Properly maintaining your hearing aids is essential to their long-term effectiveness. These devices require periodic cleaning due to exposure to earwax, moisture, and debris. Proper storage is required when they’re not in use. Follow your audiologist’s advice and the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and storage.

Be Supportive of a Loved One

If you have a loved one with a new hearing aid, be supportive. Encourage them during the trial period and help them make necessary adjustments. Hearing aids are as beneficial for spouses and family members, and everyone should play a role in ensuring the devices are successful.

Enjoy the Ability to Hear Better

At Concept by Iowa Hearing, we want first-time hearing aid users to enjoy their ability to hear better. Adjusting to new hearing aids can be challenging, but remember, it takes time. Be patient with yourself and trust the process. Focus on the benefits of your new hearing aids and celebrate small milestones. We have a team of audiologists at hearing care centers throughout Iowa to make adjustments and ensure you get the most out of your devices. Contact us for hearing aid tips and assistance.

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